HL110 – Preventative Drug Abuse

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General Health Science
Fall 2023, Fall 2023: Term 1: August 14 -December 1, 2023, Fall 2023: Term 2: August 14 -October 6, 2023, Fall 2023: Term 5: October 30 -December 8, 2023, Summer 2023, Summer 2023 Term 1: May 15 - August 4, Summer 2023 Term 2: May 22 – July 14, Summer 2023: Term 4: June 19– August 11

HL110 – Preventing Drug Abuse This course provides an overview of drugs of use, misuse, and abuse in society. This course will examine physiological, social, philosophical, historical, legal, and health aspects of drug use and abuse. Additionally, we will explore the relationships between substances that may affect the human body and/or societal institutions. Understanding of what a drug is, the biological and psychological patterns of behavior related to those specific drugs. Along with the cultural, economic, and political foundations that are affected by drugs both internationally and domestically. A heavy emphasis will be placed on discussions, interventions, and prevention of abuse. This course is designed as general education and is not part of the Addiction Counselor Program.

Prerequisites: none.

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HL110 – Preventing Drug Abuse is equivalent to

  • Dodge City Community College – HLTH110 – Preventative Drug Abuse
  • Pratt Community College – PSY110 Preventing Drug Abuse
  • Seward Community College – Not Available

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