BIO125/BI100 – General Biology

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Fall 2024: Term 1: August 19 -December 6, 2024, Fall 2024: Term 2: August 26 -October 18, 2024, Fall 2024: Term 3: September 16 -December 6, 2024, Fall 2024: Term 4: September 30 -November 22, 2024, Fall 2024: Term 5: October 14 -December 6, 2024, Summer 2024 Term 1: May 13 - August 2, Summer 2024 Term 2: May 20 – July 12, Summer 2024: Term 4: June 17– August 9

BIO125 General Biology This course introduces the student to the unifying principles to all levels of biological organization. Emphasis is at the cellular, organism, and population levels with inquiry into the nature of scientific investigation. This course is designed to provide students with a biological frame of reference in a liberal arts education as well as for students selecting additional courses in the field of biology. Students will complete a lab in this course as part of the course requirements.

Prerequisite: None

Required Text

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  • Required Lab Materials:  Students will be required to purchase a special Biology lab.

    Warning: this lab should not be purchased in advance of the start date of the course and the cost of the lab is not included in the Resource Fee. A link will be provided within the course with the first lab assignment. The student will be required at that point to make the purchase via a debit or credit card. 

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