EDUKAN and Wichita State University

Partnering with Wichita State Online

Kansas students can complete pre-requisite or general education requirements from EDUKAN online while enrolled in a Wichita State University bachelor’s degree program.

In addition to providing services to our six consortia members, we have partnered with Wichita State University to help students earn a bachelor’s degree. Students can co-enroll in EDUKAN and WSU and complete pre-requisite or general education requirements while also taking WSU Undergraduate Degree courses.


Wichita State Online brings WSU’s campus to students everywhere, making it possible to complete a bachelor’s degree or undergraduate certificate from Wichita State University completely online. Students work with a dedicated Online Academic Advisor who will assist them with completing a degree that best suits their interests and skills.

Wichita State offers 24/7 access to student services so students can get support or manage their accounts and classes on their schedule, without ever having to come on campus. During the semester, online students have access to a dedicated Online Student Success coach who provides resources for academic support.