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EDUKAN Student Union Course

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Student Orientation

When a student makes the decision to begin their college career or return to college, it can be a scary process for them.  EDUKAN understands the students fears and want to give them all the support and information so they can confidently begin their path to success at EDUKAN! 

All students will be required to complete EDUK101-EDUKAN Student Orientation, located in the Student Union Canvas Course. You will be able to access this course 2-weeks prior to the session start date provided the tuition has been paid for the enrolled class.

Orientation Course Layout

The goal of the Student Union is to provide a place students can come to for assistance and answers.  The following information is covered in the course: 

  • Who is EDUKAN
  • How to Enroll In Classes
  • Financial Aid Direction to College of Enrollment
  • Textbooks and Course Supplies
  • Canvas Orientation
  • Who to Contact

Must Complete Tasks:

  • Student completes the Academic Integrity Quiz
  • Student completes the BioSig Verification
  • Student completes the Student Introduction

The Online Enrollment Services Advisor will be in the course to provides assistance or answers questions as needed.