Paying for College

Tuition Costs

Your education may be more affordable than you expect!

Tuition for all EDUKAN courses, regardless of Kansas residency status, is a set rate of $150 per credit hour. 

If you have enrolled in classes with EDUKAN, you will need to make sure that you have been in contact with your college of enrollment, to ensure that your processing/packaging of your financial aid, billing statements, or payments are completed the Friday before the session launch date. 

EDUKAN is here to help you make the payment for your classes stress-free.

Our consortium colleges’ business offices can help you with financial and payment issues. We can provide you with information about financing options for eligible students, which includes federal grants and loans, private loans, payment plans, and scholarships.

Download our Payment Guide by clicking here.

Please contact your school of enrollment’s Business Office for more information or contact the Financial Aid Office for help with financial aid questions.

Is your enrollment pending? The pending status can be due to payment not being completed, requirements missing, or other reasons. We’re here to help.  Please visit this page for assistance.

Payment Options

Payments need to be made directly to the Business Office at your selected college of enrollment.  Keep in mind that if your payment or arrangement for third-party billing has not been made, you will be automatically dropped from the course.

You may make payments through one of the following options:

  • Payment Plans: EDUKAN students can request a payment plan from the Business Office at the college of enrollment. Payment plan options are available at either Pratt or Seward Community College. 
  • Credit Card via Phone. All major credit cards are accepted and can be processed by calling the business office at your selected college of enrollment. You will need to have the credit card number, expiration date and cardholder’s name available. The phone number for each college’s business office is listed below.
  • Money Order. Money orders may be obtained at your local bank and sent as payment to your selected college of enrollment. The mailing address for each college’s business office is listed below. 
  • Personal Check. Personal checks may be sent as payment to your selected college of enrollment. Courses will not be switched to student status until the check has cleared. The mailing address for each college’s business office is listed below. 
  • Cash. You may pay for your course in cash if you are able to visit the business office of your selected college of enrollment in person. The address for each college is listed below.
  • Third Party. If your employer, military or other third party is paying for your bill, contracts will be set up if authorization is provided by the third party in writing by 4:00 PM CST of the first day of the class or you will be dropped from the course. Authorization must be submitted on company letterhead and signed by the appropriate company official responsible for payment. The third party must indicate who they are paying for, the amount and billing information. Contact information for each college’s business office is listed below. 

If you have any questions, please contact the business office at your selected college of enrollment.