Grading System

Student Evaluation


Grade Points Per Credit Hour



B-Above Average




D-Below Average, passing





No Credit


No grade computed, no credit

* An incomplete (“I”) may be requested by a student only if a major portion of the course has been completed, they are passing the course and are unable to complete the course work due to extenuating circumstances. The student may be required to submit documentation. If the “I” request is approved, the student will be allowed a minimum of two weeks following the end of the course to complete the requirements established by the instructor. Longer periods of time will require instructor and dean approval. The instructor must approve the “I” and report the new grade when the course is completed. If the “I” is not removed within the prescribed period of time, it will be changed to an “F”

**Your withdrawal from courses will be recorded as “W” according to the dates posted in the academic calendar. After the final drop date published each term, official class withdrawals will not be processed. 

NOTE: All non-repeatable courses will be counted one time for total hour purposes and the last grade received will be the grade computed in the grade point average. 

Appealing Student Grades

If an EDUKAN student desires to appeal a grade, they must do so through their selected college of enrollment. The policies and procedures of appealing grades will follow their selected college’s process.