Our History

Beginning in the spring of 1998, the presidents of six Kansas community colleges met to evaluate an online means of offering courses to their student populations. From these early meetings, EDUKAN was formed. We are not a separate institution, but instead, a cooperative effort between member colleges to offer courses via the internet beginning Fall 1999. 

Our consortium is comprised of these Kansas institutions

What we offer

We are a consortium of three campus colleges and students who enroll in our online programs will be able to take coursework that can lead to an associate degree from one of our participating institutions or transfer their credits to another institution to continue their studies and degree.

EDUKAN offers fully accredited, quality, low-cost, online courses using the latest distance education technology for easy mobile access along with flexible schedules for our students.

Our Mission

EDUKAN will expand our quality and leading edge higher education courses for diverse populations of students seeking affordable, online programs at our consortium of community colleges, partner schools and globally.

Our Vision

EDUKAN will be a leader in public higher education by providing students and consortia colleges an unparalleled opportunity for growth and cost- savings.