Student Booklists

Purchasing your textbooks from the EDUKAN Online Bookstore ensures you get the right books for the courses you selected. EDUKAN is providing this information for planning purposes only.

Please note: Booklists will be available 30 days prior to the term start.

Return Policy

EDUKAN and the online bookstore advise that you do not open a bundled set of books unless you are absolutely sure you’ve received the correct textbooks for your course and you plan to stay in the course. Please review the full return policy at the EDUKAN Online Bookstore.

Purchasing Textbooks

Book titles are not available for purchase from the EDUKAN Online Bookstore until one month prior to the start date of the first session of the term. The suggested price listed may or may not be the selling price when the books become available for sale.

For those who plan to purchase your textbooks from another online bookseller, we urge you to use extra caution to make sure you get the correct textbook edition, title, author, and publisher and that the books may be returned if you choose to not continue with the course.

For more information please contact the EDUKAN Academic Support Manager.