Dual Enrollment

All About Dual Enrollment

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What is Dual Enrollment

The definition of Dual Enrollment is a student who takes a college course to earn High School and College Credit while attending High School.

Benefits of Taking Dual Enrollment Courses

For High School & Home School Students looking to get a head start on college, taking dual enrollment courses benefits the student’s short term and long-term educational goals.  Below is a list of just a few of the benefits:

  • More likely to complete an undergraduate degree program after graduation.
  • Jumpstart on required college credits and pre-requisites.
  • Better entrance acceptance.
  • Better prepares the student for success in college by giving students the experience of taking a college-level course, within a college-level environment, and taught by a Master or PHD level instructor.
Next Steps

Academic load and how many extracurriculars involved during the school year are major factors in determining the successful completion of a college credit course. 

  • Talk to you school’s guidance counselors.
  • Review the EDUKAN Website Course Catalog page to determine course availability and formulate an academic plan. This collaboration will be needed to determine if dual enrollment is the right option for a student or not. 

In addition, state regulations for dual enrollments must be reviewed to determine eligibility.  Once a plan is determined, the EDUKAN Enrollment Advisor will be available to answer any questions or assist in moving forward with enrollment.