Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

Welcome to EDUKAN’s quick start guide for enrolling in our institution. You can select your college of enrollment from our consortia partners, apply online, select your courses, find out about books, how to pay and more on this page.

Welcome to EDUKAN’s quick start guide for enrolling in our institution. You can select your college of enrollment from our consortia partners, apply online, select your courses, find out about books, how to pay and more on this page.

EDUKAN Colleges: Your Choice.

EDUKAN is a consortium of a group of accredited colleges founded in 1998 enabling students to take their college courses online. Students pick one of the colleges for enrollment in order to pay for tuition, get help with financial aid, counseling on which courses to take and to get your transcripts.
Not sure who to pick for your college of enrollment?

In addition to providing General Education courses, we have listed some of the specialties of each of our partner schools below to help you make your selection for your college of enrollment.

  • Dodge City Community College: Agriculture Food Chain Security, Auto Mechanics, Fire Science Protection Technology, Nursing, Welding, Flight Instructor, Early Childhood Ed, Criminal Justice, Cosmetology
  • Pratt Community College: Agriculture, Health Sciences, Automotive Technology, Electrical Power Technology, Nursing, IT Technology, Wildlife Operations
  • Seward County Community College: Health, Humanities, Social Sciences, Math, Agriculture, Industrial Technology


Ready to get started? 

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Courses. Semesters. Calendars.

After you apply and you have received your login credentials, you can select the classes you wish to take, pay for them by the deadline and start on the first day of the term.

Here are our current course catalogs by Semester with the available Term Options:

Spring 2022 Course Catalog –  click there
Summer 2022 Course Catalog –  click there

You can also search courses online by term by clicking here

Here are our current semester dates

Spring 2022 Semester Dates –  click here
Summer 2022 Semester Dates –  click here

You can also view our calendar online and even add term dates to your calendar.

Monthly Calendar – click to view

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How to Guides

Quick start tips to help you apply, add courses, get books, pay tuition

Complete Guide

Learn how to Apply, Add or Drop Classes, Make Payments, Get Books, Logging in + moreClick here: Complete Guide

How-To Guide: How To Apply

Learn more about how to Apply for ClassesClick Here: How To Apply

How-To Guide: Completing Your Application

Learn more about filling out your applicationClick Here: Complete Your Application

How-To Guide: Completing Your Enrollment

Learn more about completing your enrollmentClick Here: Complete Your Enrollment

How-To Guide: Add / Drop Classes

Learn how to add or drop classes online by term and semester.Click Here: Add / Drop Classes

How-To Guide: Find Your Book

Learn if your class needs a book. Is it embedded? Do you need additional materials? Resource fees? Click Here: Find Your Book

How-To Guide: Pay For Classes

Learn more about how to pay for tuition from payment plans, financial aid, student loans + moreClick Here: Pay For Classes
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Contacting our Partner Schools for transcripts, payments, guidance and more

EDUKAN is a consortium of community colleges, founded in 1998, providing online courses, certificate, and degree programs through our partner schools who are regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Should you need to get a transcript, pay tuition, provide prerequisite requirements, or get further help with your enrolled classes, please contact your college of enrollment below by clicking the link provided.

Our consortium partner schools: Dodge City Community College; Pratt Community College; and Seward County Community College

E-learning Online Study

Logging into Canvas our Learning Management System to Access Your Course Materials

After you have enrolled to take classes from us in our CRM, you will use our Canvas Learning Management System for your course work.  

  1. Navigate to EDUKAN.EDU & click on the CLASS LOGIN button on the top-right menu of the website
  2. Once you click the button, a Pop-Up window will show where you enter your login credentials (available the day of your term start date)
  3. Enter your credentials and you will have access to start your coursework online
  4. If this is the first time logging into an EDUKAN course, be sure to take the orientation class as required
  5. Save time and bookmark the direct login for Canvas for future reference – https://edukan.instructure.com/login/canvas

Want to get our quick start guide download? Click here for all the tips with visual guides to get you on your way.

Have questions? We got you!

Please use the chatbox to the right of our website to chat live, call us at 877-433-8526 or use our contact form by clicking here or find us on social media at #GoEDUKAN.

We look forward to helping you with your college journey here at EDUKAN.

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