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FALL 2023 Enrollment are now open!
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Spring 2024 Enrollment opens on 10/1. Check out the course catalog to find the best session that fits your schedule.

Students who enroll in EDUKAN will be able to take either one class or all coursework that can lead to an associate degree from anywhere in the world while benefiting from our low-cost tuition and flexible schedules. 

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Join us for a brief overview about why you should consider EDUKAN, for your online courses or even your Associate Degree. 

Why Choose EDUKAN?
Credit Transferability

Why Choose EDUKAN?

EDUKAN helps thousands of students year round meet their education goals with low-cost, easy access and flexible schedules. All students pay the same tuition costs and save money with our digital learning materials, biometric security systems and wonderful support from our instructors.

We offer over 200 courses, all online with semester term options from 4 weeks to 16 weeks.

EDUKAN was founded in the spring of 1998, when six presidents from Kansas community colleges met to evaluate an online means of offering courses to their students.

From these early meetings, EDUKAN was formed. EDUKAN is not a separate institution, but instead a cooperative effort between member colleges to offer courses via the Internet beginning Fall 1999. Those who enroll in the online program will be able to take coursework that may lead to an associate degree from one of three current, participating institutions.


EDUKAN is a consortium of community colleges providing online courses, certificate and degree programs through our partner schools who are regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Credit Transferability

EDUKAN consortium partners have completed the approval process by the NC-SARA organization which makes it easier for students to transfer credits to and from distance education / online institutions.

Benefits for Students
  • Allows access to educational offerings from more than one institution
  • Helps reduce complaints from students in SARA states who are trying to get their credit hours transferred and applied to their degree program
  • Helps reduce institutional costs related to students who are transferring credits 
  • Will enhance the quality of distance education


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