Proctoring Guide: Student & Faculty Information

EDUKAN is committed to preserving the academic integrity of its courses and has instituted a policy and procedure to address this issue.

Contact information for the service centers

ESSDACK – Education Services & Staff
Development Association of Central KS 
1500 East 11th Ave., Suite 200
Hutchinson, KS 67501
Phone: 620-663-9566 | Fax: 620-663-5734
South Central Kansas Educational Service Center 
13939 Diagonal Rd, Box 160
Clearwater, KS 67026
Phone: 620-584-3300 | Fax: 620-584-3307
Northeast Kansas Educational Service Center
1220 Walnut Oskaloosa, KS 66066
Phone: 785-863-3410 | Fax: 785-863-3143
Southeast Kansas Educational Service Center 
947 W 46 Highway P.O. Box 189
Girard, KS 66743
Phone: 620-724-6281
Smoky Hill Education Service Center 
605 East Crawford Salina, KS 67401
Phone: 785-825-9185 | Fax: 785-825-9195
Southwest Plains Regional Service Center 
900 Lark Ave, Box 1010
Sublette, KS 67877
Phone: 620-675-8800 | Fax:620-675-8396

EDUKAN Student Verification Policy

EDUKAN requires all students to complete the BioSig ID Registration in the Student Union Course and at least one successful validation during the first week of each session. A minimum of five validations should be completed in each course. Students who refuse to complete a BioSig ID registration and validation by the course mid-term may be required to have the final exam, quiz or other assessment proctored.

If the student is required to proctor and fails to complete the paperwork prior to the scheduled assessment, does not show up for the scheduled assessment or refuses to take the final, a failing grade (F) will be assigned for the course.

EDUKAN Proctored Assessment Policy

The instructor has the option to randomly select or designate students to take a proctored assessment at any time during the course. 

If the student is required to proctor and fails to complete the paperwork prior to the scheduled assessment, does not show up for the scheduled assessment or refuses to take the final, a failing grade (F) will be assigned for the course. The student will be required to arrange for an acceptable proctor (see requirements below) and schedule the test time and location with the proctor prior to the assessment date. On the scheduled day of the assessment, the proctor will provide the student with the necessary password to enter that assessment along with other instructions that have been sent by the instructor. The proctor must complete the “Proctor Completes” section of the EDUKAN Proctor Agreement and Completion form and email or fax the form upon completion and submission of the proctored final assessment.

Arranging a Proctor

If proctoring is required in the course, the students are responsible to arrange for a proctor. Students should first make contact with the most accessible EDUKAN member college testing center to set up proctoring (See list below). If this arrangement is not feasible, the student must arrange for a proctor from the list shown below.

EDUKAN member college’s testing center contacts

Acceptable proctor sites and potential proctors

  • College or University – Accredited college or university administrator or designated testing administrator
  • K-12 Schools – K-12 school counselor or administrator
  • Public Library – Certified Librarian
  • U.S. Military Bases – Testing Control Officer/Unit Education
  • Education Service Centers* – Center personnel
  • Commercial Learning and/or Testing Centers (i.e. Sylvan Learning Centers**) – Center Personnel

*If you live in Kansas and are near an educational service center you may contact the center to proctor your final assessment.

**Please note that not all Sylvan Learning Centers will proctor exams. Commercial testing centers may charge for their services as may some colleges and organizations.

Directions for Students

Please carefully read the information below, as it outlines EDUKAN’s test proctoring policy in further detail.

  1. By the mid-point of the course, the student who is required to have the final exam proctored must fill in the Student Information and Proctor Information sections in the EDUKAN Proctor Agreement and Completion Form and return it to their instructor as per the instructions provided. The instructor must approve the proctor. Failure to complete this step could result in a failing grade for the course. 
  2. Once approved, the instructor will email or fax the EDUKAN Proctor Agreement and Completion Form to the designated proctor. The form will have the password for access, instructions for administering the assessment and other directions as needed for administering the assessment. Upon completion of the final assessment, the proctor must sign and return the completed form to the instructor according to the instructor’s instructions.
  3. On the day of testing, the student must arrive at the test site with a photo I.D. and supporting materials allowed by the instructor.
  4. Upon completion of each assessment, the completed EDUKAN Proctor Agreement and Completion Form must be signed by the proctor and sent back to the instructor either as an email attachment or by fax. If neither of these options are available, then the proctor must mail the form to the instructor immediately upon completion of the final assessment.

Directions for Faculty

  1. Students who are required to have the final assessment proctored are to complete the EDUKAN Proctor Agreement and Completion Form and submit it to you no later than the mid-point of your course.
  2. Once you receive the form, you will determine whether or not the proctor is acceptable. If it is not, the student needs to be notified and another proctor needs to be selected. If you accept the proctor, you can email or fax the EDUKAN Proctor Agreement and Completion Form to the proctor.
  3. The EDUKAN Proctor Agreement and Completion form must include all instructions for test administration. Do not send by separate email. If necessary, add an additional page to the form with instructions but make sure it all goes together as one document to the proctor. These may include (but are not limited to):
    1. Date and times of when the assessment will be available
    2. Special instructions for administering the assessment – open book, closed book, open note, time limit, etc.
    3. A password to access the assessment needs to be communicated with the proctor prior to the assessment
    4. Communicate with the proctor that the EDUKAN Proctor Agreement and Completion Form needs to be signed (no typed names). If the proctor has an electronic signature, the form can be sent via email. If not, they will need to sign and fax the form to you or the proctor could scan the signed document and attach it in an email to the instructor.
    5. If possible, provide the proctors with a “back up” written assessment in the event there are technical or computer problems
  4. Emails in place of the proctor form are only allowed when a course has more than one student who will be using the same consortium college testing center for the proctored assessment.
    1. Example: A course has two students wanting to utilize the testing center with Colby CC. The instructor formulates an email with a thorough explanation of the test to be proctored along with the student’s names and their email addresses. Testing centers supervisors may send a confirmation email to the instructor. Documentation of a successful proctored assessment will be the completed final assessment in the course. 
  5. The instructor will maintain the EDUKAN Proctor Agreement and Completion Form for one semester following the final assessment.
Excluded from approval as proctors
  • Faculty and/or instructors (includes substitute and para-professionals)
  • Family/relatives
  • Employers/supervisors/co-workers
  • Neighbors
  • Friends
  • Clergy
  • Athletic department staff (director, assistant director, coaches, athletic department advisors, etc.)