BioSig-ID Profile

EDUKAN Student Verification

All EDUKAN students are required to complete a “mandatory assignment” at the beginning of each session course which is a Student Introduction discussion.

Upon completion of the Student Introduction discussion, the student will be required to complete the BioSig-ID registration and a successful validation prior to being able to enter any of the course modules. The student will be required to complete another five validations that are randomly placed throughout the course.

Students who refuse to complete BioSig-ID registration and validation at the beginning of the course will be required to have all exams, quizzes, or other assessments proctored.

If the student is required to proctor and fails to complete the proctor form prior to the scheduled assessment, does not show up for the scheduled assessment or refuses to take the final exam, a failing grade (F) will be assigned for the course. 

Please visit our Proctoring page for more information. 

EDUKAN’s Policy for Student Validations

First-time EDUKAN students are required to register for BioSig-ID and validate their identity. The registration process must take place in the first course the student enters. Once students are registered, they are able to validate their identity using the code and/or Click ID in each course for a minimum of six (6) different times. The assignment to validate will be directed by the instructor in each course. 

Returning EDUKAN students who have already registered in a previous term will be required to validate a minimum of six (6) different times in each enrolled course. 

Throughout the term and the final students may be requested to validate their identity using the code and/or Click ID prior to being able to enter an exam. When students click on the exam content they will be redirected to the BioSig-ID website to complete the validation. Upon successful validation, the student will be returned to the exam. This process is referred to as “gating.” The purpose of the six (6) validations is to ensure student success at the time of a “gated” exam or other assignments. 

Note: Students only need to register one time for the term (the first time they enter a course). However, students will need to validate a minimum of six (6) times in each enrolled course. 

Creating your BioSig-ID Profile

Federal legislation requires that all online courses have a system implemented to verify students in all courses. EDUKAN is committed to preserving the academic integrity of its courses and has implemented a unique technology from Biometric Signature ID (BSI). The BioSig-ID software compares each verification attempt to your stored profile and determines whether the same person drew the password. This provides enhanced security since only you can draw your password the same way every time with a 99.97% accuracy. 

Protecting your security and preventing identity theft is very important. Please review these helpful tips and video before creating your profile. 

  • Using your mouse, hold down your left mouse button and draw a password consisting of 3-4 numbers or letters that you choose. 
  • Do not use a cursive signature as most people cannot use their mouse effectively for this. 
  • Use a series of numbers or letters. Do not use slashes, hyphens, dots or one continuous line to create your secret code. The software will not accept these. 
  • Draw your password on the BioSig-ID screen three times using your mouse, touchpad or stylus. You’ll also be asked to enroll in Click-ID to create a picture password.
  • After you’ve created your BioSig-ID profile, you will be asked to verify your identity by drawing the same password you created during enrollment. 

Learn about the BioSig-ID process

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