CH177 – Chemistry I

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Spring 2023, Spring 2023: Term 1: January 9-April 28, Spring 2023: Term 2: January 9-March 3, Spring 2023: Term 3: January 30-April 21, Spring 2023: Term 4: March 13-May 5, Summer 2023, Summer 2023 Term 1: May 15 - August 4, Summer 2023 Term 2: May 22 – July 14, Summer 2023 Term 3: June 5 – July 28

CH177 Chemistry I This course stresses the conceptual and mathematical approach to understanding inorganic general chemistry and prepares the student to follow a science-oriented four-year program. It provides students with the necessary tools to handle problems of both a theoretical and practical nature. The students taking this course are usually declared chemistry, physics, engineering, pre-med., and etc. majors.

Prerequisite: None. Highly recommended: CH176 – Fundamentals of Chemistry or MA178 -College Algebra.

Required Text

  • Additional Required Lab Materials:  CH177 also requires an EDUKAN LAB component that is to be purchased after the student enters the course. Links are provided in the course for the student to purchase the lab with a credit card.  The student will select either the  Windows or MAC version to be downloaded to the computer.  Warning:  This lab should not be purchased in advance of the start of the course.

CH177 Chemistry I is equivalent to

  • Dodge City Community College – CHEM111 College Chemistry I
  • Pratt Community College – CHM186 General Chemistry I
  • Seward County Community College – CH1505 College Chemistry I

Please contact your school counselor if you have a question about the equivalency for this course.