PE176 – Lifestyle Management

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Physical Education
Fall 2023, Fall 2023: Term 2: August 14 -October 6, 2023, Fall 2023: Term 3: September 11 -December 1, 2023, Summer 2023, Summer 2023 Term 2: May 22 – July 14

PE176 Lifestyle Management An introductory course to physical fitness and wellness that will focus on altering a person’s present lifestyle to a healthier degree of wellness. Two major aspects of daily life affecting one’s health, exercise and diet, will be the focus. Additional topics such as stress reduction, preventing and treating exercise-related injuries, environmental effects on exercise and exercise for special populations will also be addressed. The student will be required to complete a pre-physical fitness testing to determine their fitness level. The student will develop and participate in an exercise program during the length of the course; thus, self-motivation will play an important role in completing the course. A student is NOT required to join a fitness club or gym in order to complete or pass this class. The student’s personalized exercise program can be done at home. Most of the fitness testing, lab activities and exercise can be done at home but there may be instances in which a student will have to visit a fitness center or school facility in order to complete the requirement.

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PE176 Lifestyle Management is equivalent to

  • Dodge City Community College – PE104 Lifestyle Management
  • Pratt Community College – HPR176 Lifestyle Management
  • Seward County Community College – PE1761 Lifestyle Management

Please contact your school counselor if you have a question about the equivalency for this course.