PE150 – Introduction to Athletic Training

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Physical Education
Fall 2022, Fall 2022: Term 2: August 15 -October 7, 2022, Spring 2022: Term 1: January 10-April 29, Spring 2022: Term 2: January 10-March 4, Spring 2022: Term 3: January 31-March 11, Spring 2022: Term 4: March 14-May 6, Spring 2022: Term 5: March 21-April 29, Summer 2022: Term 1: May 9 - July 29

PE150 Introduction to Athletic Training This course is designed to introduce the student to the profession of athletic training and provide a preparatory background of duties and responsibilities within the sports medicine field. Emphasis will be placed on the understanding of general concepts important to developing a fundamental base necessary for creating competence in more specific athletic training domains. As part of this course students will have the opportunity to earn extra credit if they elect to complete a CPR certification through the Red Cross. The cost of the Red Cross Certification is $35 and is not included in the course fee.

Prerequisite: None

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PE150 Introduction to Athletic Training is equivalent to

  • Dodge City Community College – PE150 Introduction to Athletic Training
  • Pratt Community College – HPR150 Introduction to Athletics Training
  • Seward Community College – Not Available

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