MA178 – College Algebra

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Spring 2023, Spring 2023: Term 1: January 9-April 28, Spring 2023: Term 2: January 9-March 3, Spring 2023: Term 3: January 30-April 21, Spring 2023: Term 4: March 13-May 5, Spring 2023: Term 5: March 20-April 28, Summer 2023, Summer 2023 Term 1: May 15 - August 4, Summer 2023 Term 2: May 22 – July 14, Summer 2023 Term 3: June 5 – July 28, Summer 2023: Term 4: June 19– August 11

MA178 College AlgebraThe purpose of this course is to develop an understanding of the concepts of algebra, the ability to use mathematical reasoning and the ability to perform mathematical analysis. These are fundamental skills of a well-educated individual. This course is designed to both prepare students for further work in mathematics and to fulfill a general education mathematics requirement for those students seeking a postsecondary degree.

Prerequisite:MA177 or equivalent with a passing grade of C or better, or College of Enrollment Placement Criteria.

Required Text

  • Required Materials:  Each student should purchase a Texas Instruments  model 83 or 84 (TI-83, Ti-84, TI-83 Plus, or TI-84 Plus) graphing calculator.

MA178 College Algebra is equivalent to

  • Dodge City Community College – MATH106 College Algebra
  • Pratt Community College – MTH178 College Algebra
  • Seward County Community College – MA1173 College Algebra

Please contact your school counselor if you have a question about the equivalency for this course.