MA177 – Intermediate Algebra

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Fall 2022, Fall 2022: Term 1: August 15 -December 2, 2022, Fall 2022: Term 3: September 12 -October 21, 2022, Fall 2022: Term 4: October 11 -December 2, 2022, Spring 2022: Term 1: January 10-April 29, Spring 2022: Term 2: January 10-March 4, Spring 2022: Term 3: January 31-March 11, Spring 2022: Term 4: March 14-May 6, Spring 2022: Term 5: March 21-April 29, Summer 2022: Term 1: May 9 - July 29, Summer 2022: Term 2: May 31 – July 22, Summer 2022: Term 4: June 20 – July 29

MA177 Intermediate Algebra A study of real number properties, products and factoring, fractions, exponent and radicals, linear and quadratic equations, and systems of equations. A working knowledge of elementary algebra is necessary to begin the course.

MA177 Intermediate Algebra is for the college student whose grasp of algebra is currently weak or marginal. The usual topics contained in a first or second course in high school algebra are covered. Successful completion of this course should prepare the student for College Algebra.

MA177 Intermediate Algebra will prepare the student for MA178 College Algebra if the student feels inadequately prepared or if the student has not had four semesters of high school algebra.

Prerequisite: MA076 or equivalent with a passing grade of C or better, or College of Enrollment Placement Criteria.

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MA177 Intermediate Algebra is equivalent to

  • Dodge City Community College – MATH102 Intermediate Algebra
  • Pratt Community College – MTH130 Intermediate Algebra
  • Seward County Community College – MA1103 Intermediate Algebra

Please contact your school counselor if you have a question about the equivalency for this course.