PH177 – Introduction to Geology

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Physical Science
Fall 2021: Term 1: August 16 -December 3, 2021, Fall 2021: Term 2: August 16 -October 8, 2021, Fall 2021: Term 3: September 13 -December 3, 2021, Fall 2021: Term 4: October 12 -December 3, 2021

PH177 Introduction to Geology This course will introduce students to the study of the earth, its processes and materials. It is designed to be for non-science majors as well as students that need an introductory course before starting a program of study requiring several semesters of science. Students will complete a lab in this course as part of the course requirements.

Prerequisite: None

Required Text

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  • Additional Required Lab Materials:  PH177 also requires “The Introductory Physical Geology Laboratory Kit & Manual” for the lab component of the course. This is a separate purchase and is located on our Book Store page by semester:

PH177 Introduction to Geology is equivalent to

  • Dodge City Community College – PH177 Introduction to Geology
  • Pratt Community College – PSC177 Introduction to Geology
  • Seward County Community College – PS1775 Introduction to Geology

Please contact your school counselor if you have a question about the equivalency for this course.