CO176 – Introduction to Computer Concepts & Applications

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Fall 2022, Fall 2022: Term 1: August 15 -December 2, 2022, Fall 2022: Term 5: October 31 -December 9, 2022, Spring 2022: Term 1: January 10-April 29, Spring 2022: Term 2: January 10-March 4, Spring 2022: Term 3: January 31-March 11, Spring 2022: Term 4: March 14-May 6, Spring 2022: Term 5: March 21-April 29, Summer 2022: Term 2: May 31 – July 22, Summer 2022: Term 4: June 20 – July 29

CO176 Introduction to Computer Concepts & Applications In the Introduction to Computers concepts and applications course, students will learn the most important topics of basic computers skills and the Microsoft Office software. No prior computer experience is assumed. Students are first presented with an overview of computer concepts and the computer system, which include hardware, software, computer ethics, and networking and telecommunications. An introduction to the Windows operating system is covered. Once you are comfortable with the basics of computing and operation systems, we will briefly cover Internet concepts and WWW browsing skills. Next, you will learn the Office 2016 or 365 programs, followed by sets of tutorials that teach the basics of Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. Students will “learn by doing” as they complete realistic, step-by-step tutorials and Case problems, at the computer.

Prerequisite: None

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CO176 Introduction to Computer Concepts & Applications is equivalent to

  • Dodge City Community College – CS101  Computer Concepts and Applications
  • Pratt Community College – CSC176 Introduction to Computers
  • Seward County Community College – CS1203 Introduction to Computer Concepts & Applications

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