SO182 – Sociology of Families

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Fall 2021: Term 1: August 16 -December 3, 2021, Fall 2021: Term 2: August 16 -October 8, 2021, Fall 2021: Term 3: September 13 -December 3, 2021, Fall 2021: Term 4: October 12 -December 3, 2021, Fall 2021: Term 5: November 22 -December 17, 2021

SO182 Sociology of Families A course that combines a functional and a sociological approach to the study of marriage and the family will examine marriage and the family within the context of an intimate relationship as well as within the framework of sociological theory and research. Included is the examination and comparison of patterns of behavior surrounding these institutions historically and cross-culturally, with an emphasis on contemporary U.S. society. Topics explored are building successful relationships, intimacy, marriage in America, gender convergence and role equity, communication, dating, sexual mores, changing attitudes, mate selection, expectations of marriage, legal aspects of marriage, human sexuality, family planning, parenthood, family finances, family life stages, family, crises, divorce, growth, and fulfillment.

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SO182 Sociology of Families is equivalent to

  • Dodge City Community College – SOC203 Sociology of Families
  • Pratt Community College – SOC182 Sociology of Families
  • Seward County Community College – BH2403 Marriage and the Family

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