BU277 – Business & Economic Statistics

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Fall 2022, Fall 2022: Term 2: August 15 -October 7, 2022, Spring 2022: Term 1: January 10-April 29, Spring 2022: Term 2: January 10-March 4, Spring 2022: Term 3: January 31-March 11, Spring 2022: Term 4: March 14-May 6, Spring 2022: Term 5: March 21-April 29, Summer 2022: Term 2: May 31 – July 22

BU277 Business & Economic StatisticsThis course will introduce students to many of the important concepts and procedures needed to (1) evaluate such daily inputs as organizational reports, newspaper and magazine articles and radio and television commentaries, (2) improve their ability to make better decisions over a wide range of topics, and (3) improve their ability to measure and cope with changing conditions, both at home and on the job. The emphasis will be on explaining statistical procedures and interpreting the resulting conclusions. The course will be augmented with a computer lab where students will perform statistical analysis using Microsoft Excel.
Prerequisite: AC178 or equivalent with a passing grade of C or better.

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BU277 Business & Economic Statistics is equivalent to

  • Dodge City Community College – BU277 Business Economics & Statistics
  • Pratt Community College – BS278 Business Economics & Statistics
  • Seward County Community College – BA2103 Business & Economic Statistics

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