Student Complaint Process

What to do

If you are an EDUKAN Student in an online program and have any concerns or complaints, please contact your school of enrollment listed below.

EDUKAN consortium and our partner schools are dedicated to providing the best possible student experience throughout your college years. When an issue is brought to our attention, EDUKAN will assist you in finding the right resource at your school of enrollment with us to work with to solve the issue. Most complaints can be resolved utilizing the internal processes available at each of our member schools.

Each of our partner schools have their own student codes of conduct and complaint processes as defined by the academic college. Please check with your school of enrollment for further assistance.

Our consortium member schools are: Dodge City Community College, in Dodge City;  Pratt Community College, in Pratt; and Seward County Community College, in Liberal.

If the grievance involves an issue linked to a consortium-wide policy, please review that policy:

Adding a Class

Dropping a Class

Grading System

Refund Policy

Student Ethics Policy

External Resources

If an issue cannot be resolved internally and you are residing in a SARA state, pursuant to the SARA Complaint Process, please contact the Kansas SARA State Portal Agency.  Please see the link under the state name for compliant information in if you reside in Florida, Massachusetts, or California.