Accounting and/or Business Administration Associate in Science


Accounting and/or Business Administration Associate in Science

This degree is designed for students transferring to a Kansas Regents’ University and planning to major in any of the College of Business Administration areas such as finance, accounting, marketing, management, international business and management information systems.

Our online learning program is flexible and affordable, which allows you to learn on your schedule, making it easier to pursue higher education course work while managing your other responsibilities.

Students are encouraged to contact their selected college of enrollment and to visit with an advisor regarding the college’s specific degree requirements.

To ensure a successful transfer, EDUKAN encourages students to contact their transfer university as well.

Course Curriculum

To successfully complete this program, students are required to complete courses in the following areas.

Associate in Science Degree requirements

  • General Education    9 Credit Hours
  • Humanities Electives    9 Credit Hours
  • Social & Behavioral Science Electives     6 Credit Hours 
  • College Algebra or Higher     3 Credit Hours
  • Natural Sciences (must have both biological and physical sciences with lab)     10 Credit Hours
  • Physical Education Elective (check with your college of enrollment)     3 Credit Hours
  • Computer Technology Course (Required by SCCC/ATS)     3 Credit Hours
  • Core Emphasis     21 Credit Hours 
  • College Orientation (may be waived by college of enrollment) 1 Credit Hour


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