Working with your counselor to plan for success in college #CollegeLife

College Student with advisor

If you’re in high school or college, one of the people you should be using as a resource is your school counselor. They can help you navigate the path to achieving your academic and career goals.

Your counselor can help you in a variety of areas from academic advising to career planning.

Academic Advising

Your school counselor can learn more about your interests and goals and help you plan your high school class schedule to help you prepare for your college and career.

Regular meetings with your school counselor will help you stay on track to ensure that you:

  • Take the classes you need to graduate
  • Take the classes that will help you get ahead in college (example: dual enrollment where available)
  • Get the help you need if you’re having trouble in a class
  • Pick and participate in activities that will challenge you and help you get ahead in college
  • Get help in exploring college options including online to meet your financial and educational goals

College Planning

School counselors are a sounding board that can help you select the right college for your needs, academic record and career goals.

Paying for College

There are many options available for students to explore from government, colleges and private organizations where students can find money to help pay for college. School counselors are a good resource for information about financial aid and how the process works. Don’t forget to ask about scholarships. In college, your school counselor can also help answer your questions about your financial aid package.

You may also want to look into institutions like EDUKAN who can help you get through the general education requirements and get your Associate Degree for under $10,000, which will save you thousands in most cases over other college options. You can transfer your credits to a four-year institution to complete your education without more debt.

Career Planning

Your school’s counseling office is available to help you with planning for your future with a variety of resources like:

• Career coaches
• Career Fairs
• Testing that gives students feedback on their strengths and interests including better understanding on which career path fits their skills and passions

Your school counselor can guide you to make the right decisions about what kind of education or training you need to meet your career goals.


No matter where you need help, even in your personal life, a school counselor can help you. From talking to them about how to handle your parents getting divorced or what to do if you’re feeling depressed. Your school counselor can also help if you are having a problem with another student, they are trained to deal with everything from bullying to drug and alcohol abuse.

If you don’t have a relationship with your school counselor, why not make it a point to find out more about them and take advantage of this very important resource.

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