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Every day more college and universities are announcing that their Fall Semester for 2020 will be online. The excitement of going to college and living in a dorm room, going to on-campus activities, sporting events, rallies and more is now on-hold while the costs remain the same.

EDUKAN understands the need to provide the tools students need to get ahead by offering online classes with their award-winning technology. We have been doing this since our founders (a group of community colleges) got together to make distance education a reality in 1998.

Since then, we have helped thousands of students take the classes they need online, with flexible schedules, payment plans, no application fees, embedded learning materials, and the same cost tuition for all students around the globe. That’s right, your tuition is $150 per credit hour and you can earn the credits needed for an Associate Degree for under $10,000 from EDUKAN online.

We invite you to check out our current course offerings, semester options – we have 5 terms in Fall 2020 to give you the flexibility you need to fit your schedule. Best part? You can go online via the Internet to access your coursework, any time, from anywhere.

Fall 2020 Semester deadlines to sign up are August 14th, September 11th, October 9th, November 20th

Fall 2020 Schedule5 Fall 2020 Semester term options available:

– Semester Option 1 (16 wks) Last day to enroll: August 15th
– Semester Option 2 (8 wks) Last day to enroll: August 15th
– Semester Option 3 (12 wks) Last day to enroll: September 11th
– Semester Option 4 (8 wks) Last day to enroll: October 9th
– Semester Option 5 (4 wks) Last day to enroll: November 20th

Click here to see our current class options for Fall by Term

Why do students sign up with EDUKAN?

– All classes $150 per credit hour
– Online Classes – Flexible scheduling
– No application fee
– Payment Plans Available
– Associate Degrees under $10,000
– Accredited College Courses
– Award-winning institution
– Embedded Books

Ready to apply?

Follow this link to apply to EDUKAN

Questions? We’re here for you online – by live chat, visit our social media “GoEDUKAN” pages, call us, or request help online here.

EDUKAN consortium community colleges offer the first two years toward a bachelor’s or higher degree through their AS, AA, AGS and AAS degrees or fully-online certificate programs. Students may complete some or all of the degree requirements through EDUKAN. Apply today!
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