Top 5 Apps That Might Help You Get Better Grades

You don’t have to choose between an online degree versus going to a on-campus college. You can blend them both to match whether you’re away from home at college or not. 

Here are some useful apps for college students that can help you with finances and healthy, managing your time and the Internet. 

  1. Need to manage your budget? Try the app (Free) to help you view your checking, savings and credit cards in one place
  2. Have a busy schedule? Try the iHomework app ($1) which allows you to manage your assignments, readings, courses, teachers and schedules and set alarms to be notified of upcoming deadlines
  3. Wi-fi not working on campus or home? Get the WiFi Finder app (Free) to find free Internet hotspots with over 650,000 locations in 144 countries worldwide. Remember to check the security settings so you don’t allow access to your device when using this app.
  4. Need a good way to take notes? Try the Notability iPad app ($1) it’s great for customized, color coordinated note-taking, PDF annotation, typing and recording. It even has an audio recording capability so you can tap a word to hear what was said.
  5. Stay healthy with the MyFitnessPal app (Free). There are over 1.5 million foods, 350 exercises and a free barcode scanner to help you find the calories of your food. You can also add your friends and support each other to be more healthy.