Online college courses vs. on campus, which are better?

Happy college student

They both can get you to your goal. You don’t have to choose between an online degree versus going to an on-campus college.

Online learning is fast becoming the way to go. Did you know that over 6.7 million students are taking courses online as a way to get their college degree?

Digital learning options and online degree programs are now available in more than 64% of traditional colleges, giving students the flexibility of taking the courses they need, when they want to take them.

Advantages of Online College Courses / Degree Programs

  • Everyone Is Welcome: Does not matter who you are, how old you are or what you know today
  • Flexibility: Online courses are accessible whenever you want to study and learn, you just need to meet the deadlines
  • Decrease Your Carbon Footprint: You’ll never have to fight traffic to attend class
  • Vanity: You don’t have to dress up to get online and do your course work
  • Savings: Online classes save you money by eliminating parking, wear and tear on your car, saving gas costs, babysitting, or on-the-go meals
  • More Opportunities to Participate: You can connect to other students and your instructors via emails and discussion posts without being afraid to ask the question in a classroom
  • More Time to Participate: On campus classes only last an hour or two and your instructors need to deliver their lessons and assignments and answers questions from students needing help at that time. You can formulate your question and message your instructor to get a more concise answer following online.
  • Technology Skills: Even though e-learning isn’t technologically complicated, you will learn a lot of terms and skills that you might not encounter in a traditional classroom.

Advantages of Being on a College Campus

  • Set Schedules: Class is always underway as scheduled, keeping you from procrastinating
  • Getting Help: You can see your instructor in person for assistance, sometimes needing to schedule it ahead of time
  • Socializing: You might prefer to join a study group or go hang out with classmates as part of your college experience
  • Career Networking Potential: Employers come on campus to recruit students at job fairs
  • Extracurricular Events: You can add to your study experience by going to your college’s exhibits, readings, career fairs, and sporting events

What’s the right choice for you – there’s no wrong choice, when you plan your education program and meet your goals.