Award-winning EDUKAN continues to advocate for students with reduced fees and lowering organizational operational costs through state-of-the-art biometric security online.

EDUKAN, leader in distance education for college students since 1998 announced today they have renewed their contract with Biometric Signature ID’s student ID authentication technology to meet HEOA and accreditation requirements.

Many educational institutions are looking for a student identity verification solution to help manage growth and compliance issues with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA). As more courses are delivered online, institutions are also looking for alternatives to facility limiting on- site proctoring. A solution with the ability to offer student ID authentication for taking exams online and authentication for non-exam courses is desirable. The ideal solution(s) should also respect student privacy, be delivered at random, periodic points throughout the delivery of course content, simple to use, be cost effective and offer the highest deterrent to academic cheating.

“It is our goal to keep costs down for our Consortium and students while being compliant with the HEOA regulations and the accrediting agency for our partner schools. BSI’s technology is easy for the student to use, and allows our instructors to set the challenge for authentication during the coursework as well as for gradable events.” Said Esther Lahargoue, CEO of EDUKAN.

BSI’s technology reduces the EDUKAN Consortium operational costs by 93% in physical proctoring allowing them to pass on the savings to students which could cost up to $400 a year in fees, time and travel.

BSI’s biometric technology also addresses:

  • Concerns about student aid fraud and academic integrity violations and to be in compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, accrediting agency, and the Higher Learning Commission requirements

  • Ensures that the students are who they say at all times throughout their online course work

  • Saves the time and expense associated with proctored exams including labor related to faculty, staff and help desk calls

Biometric Signature ID Corporation (BSI) was originally selected by EDUKAN after an extensive pilot project because their technology met the needs and aligned with EDUKAN’s mission of remaining affordable, accessible, while maintaining student privacy.


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