Learn more about the benefits of pursuing studies in Mathematics from Sarah Jackson, one of EDUKAN’s Online Instructors #College #Careers

In this instructor spotlight, we ask Sarah Jackson, B.S., M.S., an online Mathematics Program instructor for EDUKAN about pursuing a degree in this field. 

We asked Sarah Jackson about her background, how she started teaching and what she likes about being a Mathematics instructor for EDUKAN. Here’s what she shared with us.

What is your degree in?

“Both my BS degree and my MS degree are in Math.  I was pretty sure I wanted to be a teacher when I started college, but I decided for certain my first semester of my freshman year at Bethany College that teaching math at the college level was my goal.  During graduate school, I stumbled upon a job opening at Coffeyville Community College, and it fit with our family’s goals at the time, so I decided to give it a try.  I’ve been teaching in the community college system ever since.”

When did you start teaching?

“I have been a full-time math instructor since I completed my Master’s degree in 2001. I have not worked in this field doing anything else.”

As it is being offered online, what tips do you have for students so they can be successful and complete their degree program?

“The best advice I have is to be sure to budget your time wisely.  Online courses take a large amount of self-discipline. Because there are no face to face meetings, it is up to the individual student to be able to set aside enough time to complete all assigned tasks on his/her own.”

What career options would you have with a bachelor’s degree in biology?

“A degree is pure mathematics opens the door to several different pathways.  There is not a long list of career options that I’m aware of with a bachelor’s degree in math.  However, a student can use a math background to take a path toward engineering, physical sciences, actuarial work, or other critical thinking disciplines.”

Is this a field you would choose again? Why? What do you like about it?

“I greatly enjoy doing math and teaching math.  I would choose it again simply because I love to teach.  However, it is not a degree that will easily send a graduate straight into industry.  If teaching were not an option for me anymore, and I had to start over,  I would take a more specified path (like engineering) instead of pure math.”

We want to thank Sarah Jackson, B.S., M.S., for her time in sharing her insight with pursuing a degree in Science and being an instructor for EDUKAN. 

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