Learn more about the benefits of getting your degree in the medical field from Carol Ricke, B.A., M.A., one of EDUKAN’s Online Instructors #College #Careers

In this instructor spotlight, we ask Carol Ricke, B.A., M.A., an online BUSINESS EDUCATION instructor for EDUKAN about pursuing a degree in Technical Education in the Medical Field. 

We asked Carol Ricke about her background, how she started teaching and what she likes about being a medical business instructor at EDUKAN. Here’s what she shared with us.

How did you come to being a (professor/instructor) in the medical business program? What is your degree in?

“I have a BS in Business Education and MS in Technical Education with 30+ master-level hours in both Business Education and Instructional Technology.  I taught Medical Terminology at PCC as part of the Medical Office Assistant program, and was interested in teaching it online, as it seemed to be a good fit for online instruction.”   

Have you always been an instructor or have you worked in this field?  

“I taught part-time approximately five years while my children were young before I became a full-time instructor.  I’ve been teaching for Pratt Community College for 23 years.

There wasn’t always enough students in the face-to-face sections on our campus and possibly other campuses for the class to make each time, so offering the course in the EDUKAN consortium allowed the class to make each time. “

As it is being offered online, what tips do you have for students so they can be successful and complete their degree program?

Stay focused and don’t fall behind in the class.  Once a student falls behind, it is very difficult to catch back up.”

Who is the ideal student for this major? What personality traits (i.e. outgoing, analytical, etc…) have you seen them have in common?

“Students interested in the medical field. Most students are caring and want to take care of others.”

What career options would you have with a bachelor’s degree in business / technical education?

“There are so many medical fields, that students who take this class can go in a variety of directions; from working in a medical office, as a medical coder, nursing, any medical technical area, physical therapy, Physician’s assist, to becoming a Doctor.  Even if you don’t plan to go into a medical area, just knowing the terms can be helpful when visiting with your doctor.”

How can you succeed in this field? What growth paths are available? 

“Medical Terminology is the first class that many students take that is specific to the medical path that they are choosing. It is a good introductory course that helps students in future classes, especially Anatomy & Physiology.  It is a pre-requisite course or a required course for many different degree programs.”

Where the majority of jobs in this field located? Are they more regional? i.e. farm related, by population, etc…? 

“Jobs in the medical field are everywhere.”

How do you gain “employable” experience for this industry? What can you do as a student to have a resume that is of interest to a prospective employer?

“In this course, students have to Interview two people who are working in the field that they are interested in going into.  This specific assignment can help them determine if this really is a field they might like.  Assignments like this can help build connections; connections and internships are very helpful when looking for a job along with the necessary degree.” 

What trends you see happening in this field over the next 5 years?

I only see the medical field growing especially with medical technical areas.” 

Is this a field you would choose again? Why? What do you like about it?

I enjoy working with students, and I enjoy teaching!  I enjoy the variety of the teaching field, and helping students build confidence and knowledge.  I also enjoy dealing with the online platform and figuring out how to use the new software.  I like challenges and troubleshooting issues when they arise, just not too many at once!”

We want to thank Carol Ricke, B.A., M.A. for her time in sharing his insight with pursuing a degree in the business side of the Medical field and being an instructor for EDUKAN. 

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