Learn more about the benefits of getting your degree in English from Nick Hart, B.A., M.A., one of EDUKAN’s Online Instructors #College #Careers

In this instructor spotlight, we ask Nick Hart, B.A., M.A., an online English instructor for EDUKAN about pursuing a degree in English. 

We asked Nick Hart about his background in from his degree to how he started teaching and what he likes about being an English instructor at EDUKAN. Here’s what he shared with us.

What is your degree in?

“I have a B.A. in Communication from Arizona State University and an M.A. in English from Arizona State University.”

When did you start teaching?

“I started teaching in 2006.  From 2006-2011 I taught at the high school level, and since 2011 I have taught at the collegiate level.”

What inspired you to become a teacher?

“I figured out I wanted to teach after I finished my M.A. over ten years ago.  I started teaching online classes in January of 2012 when I taught my first online Composition 1 class for EDUKAN. Since then I have grown as an instructor and my classes have expanded, too. 

I enjoy teaching online because it is an opportunity to evolve as an instructor beyond teaching in a physical classroom.”

What have you learned as an instructor for EDUKAN?

“Now, 5 years later, I have taught online using a variety of operating systems, (eCollege, Canvas, Blackboard, and D2L).”

Why do you think online classes are beneficial for students to consider as part of their degree pursuit?

“Online classes challenge students in unique ways.  In order to succeed students must work hard and manage their time effectively. 

As an instructor I post all of the assignment due dates, but students must plan their time accordingly and figure out a process that works best for them.

Online classes are great because you can work in the class at 2:00 p.m. or 2:00 a.m.  However, students will struggle if they do not discipline themselves to check the class and work on the class routinely.”

What are some of the other skills students should have in college?

“Even though an instructor and classmates are only a click away, students who take online classes must be tech savvy, independent, and motivated learners.””

Why are you passionate about teaching?

“Teaching is the only career I wish to pursue. I look forward to the work involved with teaching my classes. Specifically, I enjoy grading papers, drilling grammatical concepts, and analyzing what we read in class. Teaching college classes gives me the opportunity to work with a diverse population of students. I am the instructor in title, but I learn from my students in every class I teach.”

We want to thank Nick Hart, B.A., M.A. for his time in sharing his insight with pursuing a degree in English and being an instructor for EDUKAN. 

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