Learn more about the benefits of getting your degree in Biology from Jared P. Haas, B.A., M.A., one of EDUKAN’s Online Instructors #College #Careers

In this instructor spotlight, we ask Jared P. Haas, B.A., M.A., an online SCIENCE Program instructor for EDUKAN about pursuing a degree in Science. 

We asked Jared P. Haas about his background, how he started teaching and what he likes about being a Science instructor at EDUKAN. Here’s what he shared with us.

What is your degree in?

“I had really good professors in college and they got me interested in biology and teaching. My degrees are in biology with an emphasis on ecology.”

When did you start teaching?

“I became an instructor the year after I completed graduate school, but I also have worked as an ecological researcher.”

As it is being offered online, what tips do you have for students so they can be successful and complete their degree program?

“Stay focused, work hard, and enjoy learning. Remember, learning is how you expand your understanding of the world.”

Who is the ideal student for this major? What personality traits have you seen biology majors have in common? 

“To be successful in biology you need to be curious about life and dedicated to learning about life.”

What career options would you have with a bachelor’s degree in biology?

“There are many research jobs available to biology majors and they include working in labs as well as working outdoors. Other job options include working in education and working at state/national parks.”

What is the demand for jobs in this field?

“Biology is linked to many aspects of our lives (ex. environmental & human health) so there are always job opportunities for people educated in biology. Remember there are many different branches of biology, so be sure you get trained in a branch that you enjoy.”

How can you succeed in this field? What growth paths are available?

“There are many opportunities for higher education in biology. Graduate and medical school are a couple of options and biology graduate students often get paid to go to graduate school. There are also ways to work your way up through the Park System, conservation groups, and other similar organizations.”

Where are the majority of jobs in this field located? What is the average salary for a new graduate who has a degree in biology?

“Biology jobs are available all over the world. Biologists’ salaries vary with their type of work, but new graduates can expect to make $35,000-$50,000 a year and the salary increases quickly with advanced degrees and experience. 

How do you gain “employable” experience for this industry? What can you do as a student to have a resume that is of interest to a prospective employer?

“Get a lot of hands on experience working in your field. There are lots of opportunities for biology majors to conduct research as undergraduates and this type of experience is very important when it comes to getting a job.” 

What trends do you see happening in this field over the next 5 years?

“There will be more jobs available working in environmental health as our world becomes more and more polluted. The field of molecular biology is also growing quickly.”

Is this a field you would choose again? Why? What do you like about it?

“Yes, I enjoy learning about and understanding life, so I would choose to study biology over and over again.”

We want to thank Jared P. Haas, B.A., M.A. for his time in sharing his insight with pursuing a degree in Science and being an instructor for EDUKAN. 

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