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In this instructor spotlight, we ask Maria Tamburro, MS, BSN, RN, MSN, who is an Anatomy & Physiology instructor for EDUKAN about her journey in healthcare and what the future looks like for students following this path. 

We asked Ms. Tamburro about her background and education and her passion for teaching in this course work. She shared the following:

“I have been teaching chemistry and biology in higher education since 2001 and currently hold a Master of Science in Chemistry and a Master of Science in Nursing Education. I am a licensed Registered Nurse with continued clinical experience in the field of Rehabilitative Nursing for cardiac and orthopedic patients.

In 2006, I designed, developed and instructed my first totally online course in chemistry and it revolutionized the way education is delivered to students. Since that time, I’ve completed Introduction to Chemistry, General Chemistry I, General Chemistry II, and Anatomy & Physiology I for higher education community colleges.”

In 2010, I was hired by EDUKAN to teach Anatomy & Physiology and have been very pleased with the delivery and quality of the education our students receive.”

It’s great to teach what you know and that gives student’s an advantage in the workplace, so we wanted to know if she has hands-on experience in this field? She told us:

“In addition to being an instructor, I am a Registered Nurse. I know how important health care workers are in general and nursing in particular so I strive to give students the classroom tools they will use in their future careers.”

As many students worry about the quality of the education they receive online, we asked what tips she can share so students can be successful and complete their degree program? She shared that…

“The key to success in the online forum is dedication and good time management. Students should copy the Course Schedule of assignments and plan their time appropriately. They should also take advantage of the online Study Areas and MyTutor that sets them up with powerful supportive assistance in the class.”

We know that the cost of education is one of the considerations that students look at when thinking about the future, but the other is finding a job in your field and growth in this industry, Ms. Tamburro told us: 

“I teach Anatomy & Physiology I and II which are important courses for all students pursing a future in health care or as a science elective for a non-science program. These courses are ideal for the aspiring health care student who has personal responsibilities such as work and family.

Taking online courses provide flexibility for students so they can complete their coursework. For example, I work with a lot of certified nursing assistants who work the night shift and cannot sit in a traditional classroom to complete their prerequisites for the nursing program. By providing the student a more flexible schedule to learn and work, they can meet their future academic goals.”

Healthcare fields are vast and ever-growing.

“There are many fields including but not limited to, Physician’s Assistant, Dietician, Sports Therapy, Dentistry, Nursing, Diagnostics, Pharmacy, etc. that will require this course. These fields are in high demand. Depending on the particular field of health care, there will be a continued growth especially with the plans on healthcare reform.”

We also asked for some insider tips like, how can you succeed in this field and what growth opportunities are available?

“Students in this field can succeed by working hard and staying motivated in their courses. A lot of health care facilities might consider having a student shadow or intern so they can see how the profession functions. They can also be motivated by future prospects in this area.”

Fortunately, a career in healthcare is not limited to certain regions, so we wanted to know where to look for jobs in this field and Ms. Tamburro told us:

“Jobs in health care can be in hospitals, clinics, long-term care residence, schools, occupational health, urgent care centers, doctor’s offices, fitness centers, rehabilitative centers, etc. Healthcare is everywhere including online with Telehealth for the most remote areas.”

What are salaries like for the new graduate?

“The average salary of each health care position varies. The salary is typically commensurable with years of education. As a new Registered Nurse with an Associate Degree of Science, I took my NCLEX and received a state license. My first position paid almost $40/hour. This was many years ago. A Physician’s Assistant will go to school for many more years and they would get paid a higher wage.”

We’ve all heard, sorry, you don’t have any experience in this field… so, we wanted to know how to gain “employable” experience and what can you do as a student to have a resume that is of interest to a prospective employer?

“You should look for opportunities to intern and shadow while you are completing your last few years of school. A lot of nurses are hired from their previous experience working as a certified nursing assistant or as a dietary or activity aide.”

What does the future hold for the healthcare industry and what are some trends you find interesting?

” Technology has revolutionized the way we teach and the way health care is delivered. I see more Nursing Informatics and an increase in health care delivery using Telehealth services.”

Finally, hind-sight is 20/20 so we wanted to know if this a field she would choose again and why? 

“I would absolutely choose this field again. There is nothing more empowering that having a strong understanding of the human body as learned in Anatomy & Physiology and understanding diseases and treatments. Anatomy & Physiology is the most fascinating science of all and I believe all students should take this course.”

We want to thank Maria Tamburro, MS, BSN, RN, MSN, for her time in sharing her amazing career and insight into her life as a nursing professional and instructor for EDUKAN. 

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