How students can use their summer vacation to their advantage #CollegeLife

studying on vacation

Summer is for fun, right?

Well, if you’re college-bound or in college now, there are some very creative ways that you spend your time, build your resume and have fun too.

When planning for summer, we suggest that students think outside the box and set goals to:
  • Develop new skills that you will need to get your area job when you graduate
  • Meet new people by experiencing new things! The more you network, the more doors will open for you.
  • Don’t fear the unknown. You will develop the confidence needed to be successful in any situation you encounter.

Your Resume

Keep in mind, one of the most important documents you will ever have is your resume, it tells the story of who you are before employers meet you. The experiences you gain during summer can enrich your life and lay the groundwork for your future.

Summer Jobs and Internships

Summer is a great time for college students to get real-life work experience and learn professional skills by taking a summer job or finding an internship in the field they are studying in.
Depending on the field you are pursuing, getting an internship will help you get hired out of college and offer the hands-on work that can help you gain experience and teach you the skills you cannot learn in college.


Volunteer work offers adventure, the opportunity to gain new skills, experience working with others, fresh air and is a nice addition to your resume.
About 26,000 people between the ages of 16-25 enroll each year in the Service and Conservation Corps programs nationwide with about a third being in college or are college graduates. You can be assigned to do work in service projects like maintaining trails and campgrounds in national parks, building community gardens in urban spaces, weatherizing homes, and providing disaster relief. A great part of this is gaining leadership skills through mentorship making this a “transformative” experience, which is important for careers and to include in your resume.


Many students travel during the summer with their families and some even go abroad with their schools. As the internet has made the world smaller, traveling and experiencing new cultures and people is invaluable in real life (IRL). Gaining new perspectives by seeing the world through a different lens can change you in a profound way and help shape who you are and your interests in the future.

Further Your Education

You can also fit in a class or two during summer and work or travel if you take it online. EDUKAN can help you find the class you need to get ahead.
What are your plans for this summer? Share with us! We’re excited to hear more about you!

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