High School Students Dual Enrollment and Paid Tuition: Career & Technical Education SB155

If you’re a high school student interested getting help with your college tuition and go into a career that is in high demand here in Kansas, you need to explore Senate Bill 155 AKA the Governor’s Career & Technical Education (CTE) Bill. If you don’t live in Kansas, there are other programs out there, check with your high school for options available.

Why it Matters

The main purpose of the bill is to stimulate growth in Career & Technical Education at both the secondary and post-secondary level in Kansas. The workforce in the state of Kansas currently demands more highly-technical and highly-skilled workers and Senate Bill 155 is focused on helping high school students coming into the workforce find and secure employment in these high demand careers.

What you need to know about Senate Bill 155

High school students interested in exploring careers in demand, taking advantage of dual enrollments and getting tuition reimbursement enrolled in college-level CTE courses need to check with the Kansas Board of Regents website by clicking here or contacting the college of enrollment for further info.


If you’re in high school, you need to check with your high school to take advantage of the dual enrollment or concurrently enrolled students (defined as a person, in grades 10, 11 or 12) program and meet the criteria set forth by the Kansas Board of Regents Policy. If you haven’t graduated from high school yet, you can still be officially registered as non-degree seeking student.

Here are 5 benefits of taking college classes during High School

  • Taking your GenEd (general education) college classes while you’re in high school, will help you get requirements completed so you can start taking the classes you’re interested, including pursuing your education goals from double majors, studying abroad, taking more electives, or graduating college early.
  • Depending on where you live, your high school might have programs to pay for or help pay for the college classes you take, saving you money on your education. 
  • Taking college classes during High School also looks good on your transcript and getting good grades is even better! Plus it will show the application review teams that you can actually handle being a college student.
  • Dual-enrollment classes also offer a greater challenge than most of your typical high school classes, so this is a great way to spend your time if you like to learn in a fast-paced environment.
  • One of the coolest things about dual-enrollment classes is that you can explore a wide variety of subjects. If you’re interested in nursing? You cold take a medical terminology class. You could even find out that you don’t really want to follow that path and choose another one. Either way, you can find the courses you are seeking online as the options are limitless.

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