Getting Ready for Fall 2017, Enrollment Checklist, Paying for College, Getting Help

One of the challenges that students face is getting their financial aid packages submitted on time and ready to use to pay for their education…

So we wanted to share some tips to help students prepare for Fall 2017 enrollments both academically and financially.

Getting Financial Aid: State and Federal Options

Looking for State Financial Aid? If you haven’t already applied, you may have missed your State’s deadline. It’s easy to find out if you have time to submit by checking online.

To get started with requesting Federal Financial Aid, you will need to complete and submit the free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®), at along with any other financial aid applications your chosen school(s) may require. If you have any questions, you can check with the school’s business office that you will be enrolling in.

Be sure to keep in touch with the school you plan on attending with any paperwork you need to turn in to ensure that you are not delayed in getting the funds needed to start your coursework.

Plan to have your FAFSA® submitted before the deadline that is required by the school you are attending. Refer to the FAFSA: Applying for Aid section as you go through the application process, it’s a great resource to follow.

What to expect next?

After you submit the FAFSA, you should get your Student Aid Report (SAR), it can take three days to three weeks. This document provides you with some basic information about your aid eligibility. If you need to make any corrections do it quickly and then submit them to the FAFSA processor.

Alternative Methods to Pay for Tuition

Did you know that you may make payments through one of the following options:

  • Credit Card via Phone
  • Money Order
  • Personal Check / Cash
  • Third Party: employer, military or other

Our consortium colleges’ business offices can help you with financial and payment issues. Find out more here.

EDUKAN Enrollment Checklist

Prospective students are considered on their individual merits and must hold a high school diploma or its U.S. equivalent. To be eligible to enroll in college credit coursework from any of our institutions, you must qualify in at least one of the following categories:

  • Be a graduate of a senior high school accredited by its State Board of Education
  • Have a GED Certificate
  • Be in good standing at the college you are transferring from
  • Have junior or senior status at your high school
  • Be enrolled in a gifted program and have special permission from your principal
  • Gifted students are required to provide a copy of IEP documentation to the Registrar’s Office of their selected college. Please contact the registrar of the college that you are enrolling with to obtain a high school authorization form

If you’re ready to begin the application process to take classes with EDUKAN, click to get started.