Get to Know Dodge City Community College, EDUKAN Consortium Partner School

In this month’s school spotlight, we are highlighting consortium partner school, Dodge City Community College, located 1.7 miles west of the 100th meridian west with a 600-pound limestone post marking the 100th meridian east of downtown on the south side of US Highway 50 (Wyatt Earp Blvd.) between Avenues L and M in Dodge City, Kansas.

We asked Andrea Loll, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Dodge City Community College, to tell us more about DCCC and here’s what she shared with us:

DC3 has been providing outstanding educational opportunities to southwest Kansas since 1935. It is the eleventh oldest institution among 19 community colleges in the state of Kansas and has grown from a junior college, with an initial graduating class of 13 students, to the institution that is Dodge City Community College, with 1,639 students enrolled for the spring semester of 2017, taking a total of 16,513 credit hours and 1,199 through EDUKAN.

In addition to the courses available online and on campus, DC3 also offers off-campus education in programs such as the Flight Instructor Pilot Helicopter program, which has four satellite offices in Utah, Arizona, and California, and the Adult Learning Center, located in south Dodge City, which offers ESL and GED-prep classes to adults in the community and surrounding area.

A wide variety of athletic programs are offered at DC3, as well, including football, baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, cross country, cheer, dance, rodeo, and golf. Several sports facilities are provided both on and off campus, with the newest being the Student Activity Center, which was opened in 2016. The Student Activity Center is a monolithic dome that houses a gymnasium and walking track and also can be activated as a FEMA storm shelter.


In addition to sports, students are encouraged to join Student Government or any of the 14 registered campus clubs currently available. Club interests vary widely and include such topics as cultural heritage, art, leadership, board games, literacy, and religion. Students learn about fund-raising and team work as they work towards goals as an organization. Clubs often travel, attend movies and lectures, lead community projects, and put on fun, informative events for the student body.

As the institution continues to grow, DC3 has made many recent changes to the campus. The addition of a computer lab, an advisory center, and the renovation of a dormitory are just some of the ways the campus is evolving. Exciting things are always happening at DC3 and we are proud to continue to offer high-quality education at affordable prices to the residents of Dodge City and the surrounding area.

Visit Dodge City Community College’s website at for more info.