EDUKAN Helps Students Navigate College Enrollment Challenges

Taking the classes you want (and need) in college should be easy, but many students are finding courses not available or they don’t fit in their schedule. Which is why EDUKAN is a perfect alternative for students needing one more class and college enrollment assistance. 

One of the things that EDUKAN’s staff work tirelessly doing is helping students get enrolled in the courses they need before the looming deadlines. We help them with financial aid issues, with late-adds and even how to get their missing transcripts. 

We listen and have the know how to help our students with enrollment challenges they may face from our partner schools or out of state schools get the class they want, when they want it.

Have you considered taking the class you need online? We offer over 200 courses year round with 13 sessions help you get the flexibility you need with your schedule and our credits transfer too. Our per credit hour fee is $150 for all students, in state or out, and we include exam proctoring fees in the tuition cost.  We have been a leader in online education offering high quality, accredited courses since 1998. 

From Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, General ED, Accounting, Chemistry, Renewable Energy, Agriculture, Animal Science, Anthropology, Nutrition, Art History to other required and elective courses, we have what you need. View our catalog of over 200 courses by clicking here by session, dates and credits.

We are currently enrolling students for Fall 2016 sessions 3, 4 and 5 online. Click here to enroll today or contact us for more information by completing the form below.

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EDUKAN consortium community colleges offer the first two years toward a bachelor’s or higher degree through their AS, AA, AGS and AAS degrees or fully-online certificate programs.

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Students may complete some or all of the degree requirements through EDUKAN. Find out more by clicking here.