Distance Education College Pioneer, EDUKAN, reflects on 20 years of helping students achieve their goals online

EDUKAN Online College Classes

With growing concerns about our students staying on track with their studies, many parents are asking about the quality of education that their child will receive online.

While going online for college classes is a change for many, it is not new and is a very acceptable way for students to look to as an alternative to achieving their goals.

EDUKAN was founded in 1998, by six community colleges in Kansas and since then have helped thousands of students each year in the US and globally to achieve their goals be it one or all classes needed for their journey.

Cost of education concerns

EDUKAN has also instituted the use of biometric security for students logging into their course materials to ensure academic integrity and we have digitally embedded books and new media to help reduce the costs of materials when taking classes with us.

Recognized for our award-winning technology

We believe in using technology to deliver quality learning experiences for our students and have been recognized for this goal by the National University Technology Network (NUTN) for effective use of technology in teaching and learning and/or organizational administration (or administrative operations) that is exemplary, demonstrates leadership and commitment, and advances the field as an institutional model and were the honored recipient of the NUTN Institution Achievement Award.

EDUKAN Supporting K-12 Educators in Kansas

EDUKAN has offered access to their technology platform, providing this resource to educators, parents and students alike so they will not have to worry about meeting the academic requirements needed to move forward with their goals in spite of the setback caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

We take pride in our platform to give students the rich experiences they hope for in learning online and continue to look for innovative ways we can improve our offerings while keeping our costs down for our students.  It is important for our students to have the best options for achieving their goals and that includes the cost and transferability of their college credits when using distance education. EDUKAN partner schools are proud to participate in this national program, NC-SARA, which is an agreement among states and educational institutions to have comparable standards in education.

“Education is a powerful tool with life-changing potential. It should advance students’ futures by providing the avenues for success without encumbering them with staggering debt,” said Esther Lahargoue, CEO of EDUKAN.

We welcome your questions about our institution and invite you to visit our website at EDUKAN.EDU to see more about our course offerings, schedules, and more.

Why do students sign up with EDUKAN?

We invite you to check out our current course offerings, semester options – we have 5 terms in Fall 2020 to give you the flexibility you need to fit your schedule. Best part? You can go online via the Internet to access your coursework, any time, from anywhere.

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– All classes $150 per credit hour
– Online Classes – Flexible scheduling
– No application fee
– Payment Plans Available
– Associate Degrees under $10,000
– Accredited College Courses
– Award-winning institution
– Embedded Books

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EDUKAN consortium community colleges offer the first two years toward a bachelor’s or higher degree through their AS, AA, AGS and AAS degrees or fully-online certificate programs. Students may complete some or all of the degree requirements through EDUKAN. Apply today!