ME105 – Introduction to Meteorology with Lab

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Physical Science
Fall 2021: Term 1: August 16 -December 3, 2021, Fall 2021: Term 2: August 16 -October 8, 2021, Fall 2021: Term 3: September 13 -December 3, 2021, Fall 2021: Term 4: October 12 -December 3, 2021

ME105 Introduction to Meteorology with Lab This course will be 5 credit hours including lab. This course provides an introduction to atmospheric phenomena and weather and an introduction to the sciences of meteorology and climatology. It is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge of the earth’s atmosphere and its changing behavior as it relates to human activities and how it influences our daily lives. How scientists evaluate atmospheric processes using the scientific method will be emphasized throughout the course. This course provides a first look at various aspects of meteorology including solar radiation, global circulation, environmental issues, winds, cloud formation, stability, precipitation processes, weather systems, and severe weather. The course will also cover meteorological terminology, large‐scale climate processes such as El Niño, and will discuss techniques of weather forecasting. Basic physical principles and processes are emphasized that are important for understanding the world around us.

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ME105 Introduction to Meteorology with Lab is equivalent to

  • Dodge City Community College – MET105 – Introduction to Meteorology with Lab
  • Pratt Community College – Not Available
  • Seward Community College – Not Available

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