Consortium member Barton Community College sees online student growth from EDUKAN

It’s exciting to see news coverage about more students taking online classes as a growing trend. This week we’ve been mentioned along with our partner school, Barton Community College, in the press. The article details the research about their successful online student growth which includes students from EDUKAN. 

Other trends reported in the article show that younger students are enrolling in classes, both online and on campus which can be attributed to the increase in high school students earning college credit. Dual or concurrent enrollments are a way that high school students can start their college education before graduating. EDUKAN offers programs that include courses which can be tuition free in high demand career areas like solar / green energy. 


Another area of growth reported by Barton Community College is with enrollments from across the state, the nation, and overseas. EDUKAN offers the same low-cost tuition fees to all students in-state or out-of-state. We have been a leader in online education offering high quality, accredited courses since 1998. 

We are currently enrolling students for Fall 2016 sessions online and will start enrollments for Spring 2017 on October 1st. Click here to enroll today or contact us for more information by completing the form below. You can also view our catalog of over 200 courses by clicking here by session, dates and credits.

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