Now that the spring semester is almost over, you may be focusing on final exams and then summer fun, right? Don’t stop now, you can get ahead of your goals to get your degree by enrolling in a summer course or two with shorter semester sessions from EDUKAN. 

We have four sessions available for Summer 2017 enrollments for online classes that can be completed from anywhere you have internet access – DEADLINE to sign up for the last Summer session is June 7th

EDUKAN students are finding our additional short-term semester sessions to be advantageous for many reasons from needing a class to advance in their studies, no classes available due to maximum enrollment in Fall, had a conflict with their schedule, didn’t know they needed to complete a requirement, or want to get started on their course-work sooner than later.

Still not convinced that summer school is for you? Here are the top 8 reasons you should consider taking a summer class from EDUKAN

1. Flexible Schedule and Shorter Sessions

Our summer courses have different lengths from long to short. (Summer Schedule). You can do the coursework on your timeline as long as you meet the deadlines that your instructor lists with the course. Our online classes can be accessed from anywhere you have a internet connection.

2. Get your GenED requirements out of the way

Summer’s a great time to take the basics and then get into the classes that you want to focus on for your major or minor during the regular school year.

3. Graduate in less time

Taking one or two summer classes every year can help you graduate early and get a jumpstart on finding that perfect job ahead of those who are a semester or two behind you.  

4. Learn something new

Want to learn more about astronomy or art appreciate or another subject outside of your regular curriculum? Take them during the summer when you have time to enjoy them instead of during your packed Fall or Spring semester.

5. Make up credits

If you’re behind on credits, need to re-take a class or fulfill a requirement, summer is the perfect time to do it so you can stay on track with your degree requirements.

6. Get into the popular classes

Some classes hit the maximum enrollment and can be hard to get into during Fall or Spring, but might be available during the summer. If you need it, try registering for the summer class. 

7. Impress future employers

Students who use summer classes to graduate early demonstrate their focus, ambition, and motivation, and can help you stand out from your peers and even better… impress future employers.

8. Keep your brain active

Don’t lose those study skills you’ve worked hard on perfecting! Summer classes will help keep your brain active, as the more you exercise your brain, the better it will perform.

We hope these tips help you to make the decision on taking summer classes… find out more about EDUKAN and our summer classes online.


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